Ventureer Interviews. Kane Miller from StarterPad

StarterPad logoHere at Ventureer we think the startup scene is the core for the future world economics so we have started a series of interviews with relevant entrepreneurs.


We start with an interview with Kane Miller, owner of StarterPad, a community for startups and entrepreneurs. He´s been quite kind in answering our questions and I think we got a very nice view of the current situation of both StarterPad and the startup world.  Continue reading

Factors To Consider When Starting A Home Based Business

If you are looking for a change of pace in your career and tired of the 9-5 grind, then a home based business may be an option you should consider.

Maybe you have lost your job and having difficulties finding a new one, but you know you are talented, hardworking, and resourceful. Starting your own business may be just what you need to get your feet back on the ground. Whatever your reasons are for exploring the options of starting a home based business, there are many benefits and perks to doing so. Continue reading

How To Take Your Company To A New Level

We live in a world that is dominated by business and it is therefore essential that your business moves with the time and is progressively minded. We all know and have heard about the big businesses out there and you just seem to associate every aspect of business in general with these superpowers. Continue reading

How To Motivate Your Employees

It is no secret that motivated employees are both happy and productive, a win-win for employers. Conversely, disengaged employees are only minimally productive, and they view their work hours as a necessary evil. Creating motivated, happy, productive employees is a universal goal. However, creating motivated employees without the appearance of favoritism can be challenging. Continue reading

What Small Businesses Should Know About Business Taxes

Paying taxes as a small business owner is a game of chess. There are loopholes and strategies for making sure you save the most money. While entrepreneurs can do their own taxes with software, hiring an accountant familiar with tax law can allow your company to get the most deductions. It’s important to consider how every day business behaviors and decisions affect your business tax bills. Everything from the type of employees you choose to where you do business can shift tax obligations up or down. Here are five caveats small businesses owners can follow to save money. Continue reading

Selling, Selling, Sold! Four Ways To Increase Your Sales

Selling, selling, sold! Four Ways to Increase your Sales

The idea of promoting ones business can be both exciting and terrifying. The excitement of seeing your brand posted across the internet, hanging from a bill board or hearing it during your commute to work can be a real boon to your self-esteem. However in such a competitive market how can you be sure to get your name and product seen and heard? Continue reading

How To Protect Yourself And Your Data When Using Cloud Based Storage Services

From software as a service and document management systems to online payroll and accounting suites, cloud-based services are quickly becoming a reality for both business and personal use. This new way of computing allows users to access information or run applications from remote servers for added convenience and reduced local technology resources. While this technology has obvious benefits, there are some concerns that you should consider before taking advantage of cloud computing. Continue reading

The Objective Of A Business Is To Get Customers

As an entrepreneur, if you do not communicate properly with customers you will lose them in no time. Businesses use many different ways and tools to communicate with customers. No matter which is your favourite tool for communication, you have to comply with the corporate standards and branding.

An effective communication system is also necessary to attain your business goals. No matter if you are a big multinational corporation or just a new start-up, it is important to set realistic and measurable goals to evaluate your achievements.  Below are a few tools that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of a communication system: Continue reading

5 Ways To Shrink Costs For Your Small Business

When running a company, it is crucial to cut costs. Of course, when lowering expenses, one must make sure to spend money for vital things for the business. Luckily, a savvy entrepreneur should have no trouble lowering his or her expenses without hurting the company. Here are five ways to shrink costs for your small business. Continue reading