5 Ways To Shrink Costs For Your Small Business

When running a company, it is crucial to cut costs. Of course, when lowering expenses, one must make sure to spend money for vital things for the business. Luckily, a savvy entrepreneur should have no trouble lowering his or her expenses without hurting the company. Here are five ways to shrink costs for your small business.


An entrepreneur often spends a lot of money on software. Fortunately, there are free alternatives. One of the easiest ways to save money is to use open source programmes. Without a doubt, when using open source programmes, an entrepreneur will save plenty of cash without sacrificing reliability or usability.


When a company can cut rent costs, the business will easily save a lot of money. While is difficult to get rid of the office space, it is possible to downsize. When moving in to a smaller building, the business can allocate funds for important ventures. With so many opportunities to work at home or on the road, it is a solid idea to get a smaller office. Another benefit of having a smaller office is that many employees and contractors would love the opportunity to work from home. If you have a hand full of employees or are self-employed a virtual office is a great idea. Services like Servcorp virtual office services can even provide you with things like a phone number, mailing address, and dedicated receptionist, without all the overhead of a traditional office space.


One of the highest cost for a business owner is labour. A smart entrepreneur must take steps to reduce his or her labour costs. One way to lower costs drastically is to hire contractors to complete some jobs. With the economy hurting, it will be easy to find qualified contractors to do everything from bookkeeping to website design. Furthermore, when hiring qualified contractors, a company will get the job done by a serious professional.


If a company is on solid ground, the owner should consider paying in advance for monthly services such as web hosting or insurance. When asking for discounts, an entrepreneur can cut some of his or her monthly expenses without doing much work. Furthermore, when buying any supplies or services, a customer should always ask for a discount. When asking for a reduction, the worst that could happen is that the supplier says no.

Used Goods

In a rush to impress customers, many businesses overspend. Ideally, when looking for office furniture or other equipment, a company should buy used. When buying pre-owned equipment, the business owner can drastically cut costs. In fact, most people will not notice the difference when a company buys pre-owned office supplies. In reality, one can save a serious amount of money when doing to a second-hand store to buy certain items.

Luckily, with these simple and easy to follow methods, an entrepreneur can cut his or her expenses drastically. When lowering expenses in an intelligent way, the business owner can invest more money into his or her venture.

Written by Jenna Davis. Jenna is a PR, Marketing, and SEO consultant who runs her own successful business with the use of Servcorp virtual office services.