The Latest Trends In Email Marketing

When it comes to the latest trends in email marketing, there are a number of crucial aspects that must be taken into account. In recent times, email marketing has come across as a trusted mode of direct marketing, complimented by the social media websites and mobile marketing.

With changing market trends and innovations, email marketers are on the constant lookout of finding quality content as well as an efficient design. Considering the fact that social media has become an integral part of marketing, it has become very important for improved customer management. Following are some of the latest trends in email marketing that you need to get familiar with:

Catch and Keep
It is important for you to understand the fact that readers know how to use the “Spam button” and they certainly are willing to use it whenever they need to. According to the statistics, nearly as many as 30 percent of email addresses churn every year. List hygiene is of great value, but most marketers seem to have started paying more attention to the subscriber retention programs and acquisition programs in order to ensure that their lists are kept active and productive.

Pay Attention to the Subject Line
Marketers are looking to create more attractive and impressive subject lines to garner the attention of their viewers. Make sure to limit your subject line to 50 characters. Examine test sample subject lines to figure out what performs best for you. In addition, do not to forget the importance of conveying a clear value proposition that could persuade your reader to open up the message.

Avoid Overdesigning
You need to understand the fact that images are often turned off on most default settings so there is no point in using a beautiful image if readers do not see it. As a matter of fact, simple and easy is often more reliable and productive and can deliver efficient results. You need to design an email header that can help you deliver your core message separately from the image by using alt or text tags to advertise your tender in the preview window.

Consider Multi-Part MIME Format
Check your HTML emails for sending into the most reputable email clients such as Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail. It has been reported that some ISPs are directing emails into the spam folder if HTML is not coded properly. Therefore, you are recommended to format your email in multi-part mime, which delivers emails in both text as well as HTML.

Using Triggers for Automation
Make sure to send targeted messages at the right moments. When someone gets into your list, remember to send them a series of welcome messages with important, relevant information. When someone performs a purchase, give them suggestions in an email about other products they might be interested in. Everything is there, so it’s totally up to you to use it.

Full Integration
Marketers are making full use of various marketing platforms and resources available across the Internet. Emails are required to continue conversations with your customers through direct emails, social media, newsletters, and websites.

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