Ventureer Interviews. Kane Miller from StarterPad

StarterPad logoHere at Ventureer we think the startup scene is the core for the future world economics so we have started a series of interviews with relevant entrepreneurs.


We start with an interview with Kane Miller, owner of StarterPad, a community for startups and entrepreneurs. He´s been quite kind in answering our questions and I think we got a very nice view of the current situation of both StarterPad and the startup world. 


Q: Hi Kane, welcome to this series of interviews with entrepreneurs here at Ventureer. I would like you to tell us about what is StarterPad and what is your view of it.

A: StarterPad is a community for people involved in startups. It offers a platform that makes it easy to connect with other startup founders, share ideas, help one another, network, and even start new businesses together.


Q: You have recently bought StarterPad from Gediminas. How was to decide to buy it? Were you looking for it? Did he contacted you? How did you found it?

A: I’ve been working on various internet startups since the late ’90s when I was in university.  I had so many unique ideas but not enough time or financial resources to bring them to fruition.  Fast forward 15 years, I now have the funds and experience that I wish I would have had in university.  I want to be able to help out new entrepreneurs in a way that I wish was offered to me when I was younger.

A few years ago I was chatting with a friend of mine about starting an angel investing / startup community together.  But we were both too distracted with our own projects that we never got it off the ground.  When I saw StarterPad listed on, and started chatting with Gediminas about his vision for it, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity.


Q: What´s your view of the current status of the startup scene?

A: I think it’s as ‘hot’ now as ever before.  Especially with the global recession, I think more and more people are starting to think creatively and take risks starting their own businesses, because there’s more unemployed people than there’s been in a long time.  Plus, web technologies and communication methods (Google Hangouts, Skype, VIber, etc) are getting better and better every day, so it’s becoming so easy to launch a new online business and work effectively online with your team members.

I also think there’s a ton of great options for startups looking for outside funding, such as, Funders Club, Microventures, etc.


Q: Do you think we are at the peak of the startup movement? Do you think there´s still margin to grow for new businesses and entrepreneurs?

A: I definitely don’t think we’re at the peak, I think it’s going to continue to gain momentum.


Q: What are your plans to change StarterPad?

A: I don’t have a solid plan yet, as I’ve only recently sent out a survey to the members (and had a great response, by the way).  I need to go through it and try to get a grasp of what the members want to see out of the site.  I also have a document written by Gediminas that outlines some of his ideas for the future of the site, so that should help give me ideas too.  Some of the possible ideas are:  improved publicity and advertising for startups, an investing platform, resources for startups, and cofounder matching.  We’re also in the midst of redesigning the site from CakePHP -> Ruby on Rails, so that’s going to take a bit of time.


Q: What is the users base of StarterPad? Do you have plans to increase it? Who does it compares to other sites like yours?

A: There’s currently ~4100 users and it’s naturally increasing about 10-20 per day.  Yes, I definitely plan to increase it.


Q: What are your main competitors?

A: There’s other startup communities like StartupNation, Ultra Light Startups, and then there’s angel investing sites like Angel List.  I think StarterPad has a unique platform (props to Gediminas for his design) that differentiates it from other sites.


Q: StarterPad does not currently have any advertising or any other way to get money from the site?

A: Correct.  In the future this is something I may consider but at the moment I just want to work on making the site better for the members.


Q: And last but not least, please describe yourself in one paragraph (name, born place, biography, …)

My name is Kane Miller.  I was born on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  I went to university for computer engineering, then worked in the energy industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for 5 years.  I had worked on web projects on the side since university but never full time.  My thirst for something entrepreneurial eventually got the better of me, and I quit my job, threw everything I owned in my car, and drove down to San Diego, CA, USA to start working full time on my internet businesses.  That turned out to be the best decision I ever made :)