Pre-Launch Tips For Any Upcoming Websites

Whenever someone decides to put up a website or a business online, just as many questions starts clouding his or her mind pre-launch as there is after the website is live. Depending on how big is the business your website is going to support, there has to be a market big enough to receive it or else risk using up your resources without many results because you haven’t done your pre-launch duties. Continuar leyendo “Pre-Launch Tips For Any Upcoming Websites”

5 Annoying Customer Experiences On Online Stores

Internet is flooded with online stores cutting across industries. From the latest gadgets to pet care products you can find almost anything you need on these stores. Both small and big businesses are starting their online stores but the sad part is majority of these stores are poor on the customer experience. The reason – they do little research on the user-experience and simply put up some products with a shopping cart. Here we shall discuss five of the most annoying customer experiences on online stores and how you can get rid of them. Continuar leyendo “5 Annoying Customer Experiences On Online Stores”