How to Install Node.js in Centos 6.5

Node.js is the most popular open source, cross platform Javascript runtime environment used by thousands of developers worldwide. It´s based on Google‘s V8 Javascript engine and provides an event-driver architecture capable of Asynchronous I/O. Created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, is used by many big companies as Netflix, Microsoft, LinkedIn or IBM.
Today we are showing how to setup a server with the latest Node.js 6.x version (6.8 at the moment of writing this article). We start with a new Centos 6.5 64 bits server based on our BASIC package with 512 Mb of RAM and 50 Gb of disk space.

Once logged in as root we must perform an update of the installed packages in the system. This will take just a couple of minutes and you will get the latest updates and security patches for the basic packages included in the system

yum update

The update process will ask you to confirm the update of all the packages. Once completed it´s time to install Node.js.
We will need to tell our package manager where to find the latest packages for Node.js version 6 with this command:

curl --silent --location | bash -

It will get the latest version of the node 6 branch and prepare the system to download it. The installation can be completed with the command

yum -y install nodejs

This will install nodejs and the npm interface for Node.js package management. The installation process will take just a minute and once finished you will be able to start your development. Simply as that.
Let´s try and execute our first program. Use your favourite editor to edit the file helloworld.js and paste the following text:

/* Hello World! program in Node.js */
console.log("Hello World!");

Once saved, execute the command

node helloworld.js

If everything is ok, you will get the following output:

Hello, World!

If you need to compile and install native addons from npm, just install the development tools with the following command:

yum install gcc-c++ make

And that´s it, your Node.js server is ready.
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